Is Pole Base a Fit for Your Business?

Each member of the Pole Base network followed a unique path to prosperity -- current precasters, construction and electrical contractors, even visionaries new to owning their own business.

Our handy homework exercise will help you effectively evaluate if partnering with Pole Base is a move you ought to seriously consider.

Where Do Pole Base Producers Come From?

The versatility of Pole Base as a solution is mirrored by the varied business types and backgrounds of producers in its network.

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Concrete Professionals

As a precaster or ready-mix provider, you know concrete. You’ve got an existing supply source and connections in your local construction market. Adding a new product like Pole Base makes just sense.

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Construction Contractors

You've got the crews, the space, and you are familiar with the construction industry in your market. Adding a premium product to offer clients will allow you to provide a popular product in-house.

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Electrical Contractors

You've installed your fair share of cardboard tube bases, and know that precast is the way to go. Improve the way you install site lighting AND grow your overall business by selling Pole Base to your fellow electrical contractors.

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With a mutually beneficial licensing arrangement and generally attractive profit margins, Pole Base can stand on its own for a savvy business person with access to suitable facilities, required supplies, and reliable labor.

Turner Concrete Products Chooses Pole Base to Diversify and Strengthen a Family-Owned Burial Vault Company

“It’s important not to have all your eggs in one basket… We wanted to produce other products in the concrete business and Pole Base is a great product.”

Steve Turner, President Turner Concrete Products

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Evaluation Expectations

As you weigh adding the power of Pole Base to your product portfolio, consider doing some homework. More informed decisions help set you up for more sustained success. We’re happy to help if you get stuck answering any of the questions below

Analyze Your Area Get to know the area in which you'd like to sell so you can base decisions on reliable information.

  • Is your preferred market seeing commercial or public infrastructure development?
  • What light foundation solutions are being offered and who is offering them?
  • Is your production team equipped and staffed to produce?

Concrete Considerations Margins matter and controlling raw material costs are key to healthy bottom lines.

  • Do you have the current or planned space to produce Pole Base?
  • Do you own a batch plant or will you purchase concrete from a ready-mix partner?
  • Is your production team equipped and staffed to produce?

Success Metrics It's tough to hit targets if you can't see them. Consider what success with Pole Base looks like for you and your business.

  • What are you comfortable investing in a new product offering?
  • What does your return on investment (ROI) need to be?
  • What is your timeline for production? How soon are you comfortable producing and selling Pole Base?

Why Choose Pole Base?

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A Broadened Foundation

Companies grow and thrive by adding innovative, in-demand products to their offerings. Enjoy a steady, predictable revenue stream with Pole Base.

Powerful Profits

Delivering a custom, value-added solution like Pole Base gives producers more opportunity to move their margins. Drive more revenue without having to make more product.

Fit for the Future

Growth-minded businesses value the scalability producing Pole Base offers. As the demand for durable, customized, precast light foundations continues to grow, the output can increase with it.

Finding more common ground.

Are we speaking your language? Learn more about what makes Pole Base an opportunity you should consider.

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