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Get the inside scoop from manufacturers about why they chose Pole Base, how they’ve used it to grow their businesses, and why it’s an important part of their future.

Diversification Saves the Day

There may not be two industries more temperamental than construction and manufacturing. Hear how companies across the country use Pole Base to insulate themselves from the effects of market volatility.

man next to light pole base

Minnick Services

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Mark Minnick of Minnick Services decided to diversify his precast product offerings to make up for the decline in his company's burial vault sales. He did his research, crunched the numbers, and decided that protecting his business with Pole Base was an avenue he needed to pursue.

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precast facility

Brutsche Concrete Products

Battle Creek, Michigan

Brutsche Concrete Products has a thriving precast concrete business. Diversification has been a key to success in the long term, with Pole Base serving as a consistent offering when other product lines were lagging.

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Turner Concrete

Toledo, Ohio

With decades in the burial vault business, Turner Vault Company wanted to expand its product offerings. Turner began offering another precast site lighting base, but the production process was inefficient and cumbersome. They moved to Pole Base’s simple, straightforward forming system to streamline their production and the rest is history.

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Creating Cash Flow… Quickly

Pole Base’s runway to production and profitability is relatively short. Manufacturers have used it to satisfy strong demand and even to deliver quick cash flow to fund other new products

precast concrete plant


Ontario, California

Continually seeking to innovate and expand, the CalPortland team saw an attractive gap in the light pole foundation market. After adding Pole Base to its product line, CalPortland saw its sales revenue skyrocket in just two short years.

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pole base forms

Mid State Concrete Products

Santa Maria, California

Receiving inquiries from local electrical contractors, Mid State Concrete Products quickly brought Pole Base into their portfolio. Pole Base’s tools and operations resources allowed Mid State to train its staff and get off to a fast start.

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