Licensing Pole Base: A Foundation for Success

Product licensing isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you. Licensing Pole Base can be a great way to expand your precast product offerings or even launch a brand-new business. Consider the many benefits of producing the industry’s leading outdoor site lighting foundation.

Be A Part of the Network

Foster collaboration, innovation, and opportunity with a network that spans across the United States and Canada. Be encouraged and empowered by those who share your goals and understand your business. Learn the first step to join the network

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How Pole Base Licensing Works

You build it. They buy it. Maybe that's a little too simplistic, but it's not that far off. The bottom line is that you'll be offering a product that's proven time and again that it can be your market's leading light pole base solution. Add ongoing expert technical and marketing support, and you may end up wondering why it took you so long to find Pole Base.


Your Role as the Licensee

As a Pole Base licensee, you’ll receive rights to manufacture Pole Base precast light foundations within your exclusive production territory. As a licensed Pole Base producer, you're considered a partner and key to the overall success of the Pole Base network. Become part of a thriving network of licensed manufacturers from Lancaster, New York, to Ontario, California, and plenty of places in between.


As a Pole Base licensee, you’ll receive rights to manufacture Pole Base precast light foundations within your exclusive production territory. Using proprietary, top-quality steel forms, you’ll craft Pole Base light foundations to simplify the lives of developers, contractors, and electricians in your area.


Pole Base is nearly a perfect solution, but just like it doesn’t install itself, it also doesn’t sell itself. Ensuring you get the most from your Pole Base license means having a dedicated salesperson on your team to present, quote, and consult for potential Pole Base projects.

Our Role as the Licensor

Expanding, diversifying, and helping precast concrete businesses achieve new heights is our thing and we’re pretty good at it.

Production Consulting

From the layout of your manufacturing floor to pouring your first base and onward, you’ll have the backing of experts mindful of your goals and your bottom line.

Marketing Support

An award-winning marketing team coordinates national-scale advertising efforts and ongoing content creation to drive awareness of Pole Base so you can sell more.

Engineering Resources

A wealth of technical resources to help you navigate the technical side of presenting Pole Base to your local engineering community.

Take the Next Step

Download the Business Opportunity Manual for a deeper dive into licensing Pole Base and how you can leverage it to grow and diversify your company.

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Is Licensing Pole Base the Best Choice for You?

Licensed products have helped many businesses reach their goals or build upon existing success, but licensing isn’t the best move for everyone. When we welcome aboard a new Pole Base partner, we’re looking for the best mutual fit possible. To this end, we’ve listed a few considerations you should be aware of as you evaluate Pole Base’s potential future with your company.

When Licensing Makes Sense

  • Proven Profitability - Licensed brands often offer a history of documented success in multiple markets and many scenarios. Pole Base has the data to demonstrate that it’s a company on the move.
  • Baked-In Innovation - When you need to be locked in on sales, exploring new product opportunities or identifying a new angle on an existing product can blur that focus. Pole Base’s team of engineers is constantly on the hunt for your next big thing.
  • Been There, Done That - Pole Base is a relatively young company, but the spirit of innovation has allowed us to cram a lot of experience into our 10+ years of existence.
  • Exclusively Exclusive - Your territory is, well… yours. You produce Pole Base in a market reserved only for you.

When Licensing May Not Make Sense

  • Brand Discipline - Pole Base is a national brand with features and benefits that stand out from the competition. Our partners understand conveying that message and maintaining brand discipline are key.
  • Staffing Surplus - You've got the team and time to create new forms and products, and you don't need help with this area of business.
  • Agree to Disagree - If licensing agreements and reasonable royalty payments make you cringe, going it alone may be your best bet.
  • Just the Way You Are - Your business size and scope and your profits are right where you want them to be. Not too big and not too small.

Curious About the Cost?

If you like what you've heard so far and feel we could be a good fit for your future, now might be a good time to level up the conversation.

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