What is the Pole Base Opportunity?

When you’re looking into adding a product line to your business, you need to know what equipment it takes, how to sell the product, what the profit potential is, and much more. The bottom line is that you want to be able to make money to support the people who matter to you.

So do we. As a family, we've been in the precast business since the early 1980s and we’ve gone through the process of adding new products to our own business. We've taken the time to produce and sell the Pole Base product in our region so that we could be great partners with you as you launch Pole Base in your business.

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Getting Started with Pole Base is Simple

Contact your Pole Base sales rep

Dig into your local market with a Pole Base sales rep to discover the potential in your area. Learn more about the market here!

Discover the Pole Base business opportunity

Come to Charlevoix to see what this opportunity is all about and get a feel for the people you'll be partnering with.

Start growing your precast business with Pole Base

Buy your forms and start growing your business with Pole Base! See the equipment investment here!

Growth with Pole Base precast products

The Vision

Our vision at Pole Base is to partner with our stakeholders to realize our potential together. What does that mean? If you're reading this - you're a stakeholder. Your staff are stakeholders. Your customers are stakeholders. Together, we want to push to always be better - to grow, to innovate, and to realize our potential. Our vision leads us to seek out win-win partnerships, which means we’re here for you to help you become successful. It also means that we expect you to do a little bit of leg work!

Your Role as a Manufacturer

Set up your Pole Base territory

Set Up Your Territory

Stake your claim! As a Pole Base Manufacturer, you will own an exclusive territory where you will be the only company who can produce Pole Base products.

License Pole Base equipment

License Equipment

When you invest in the Pole Base equipment, a royalty fee will be charged monthly. This royalty fee is continually reinvested back into the Pole Base business in the form of top-notch marketing resources, national branding, engineering support, and research and development.

Pole Base production and sales

Production and Sales

As a Pole Base manufacturer, you produce Pole Base products locally to the latest specifications to ensure that customers across the globe have confidence in Pole Base products. You'll also handle the local sales and marketing for your Pole Base products. Don't worry - we're here to help!

Our Role as Licensor

Pole Base technical and engineering resources


The Pole Base engineering team has put together incredible resources to help make Pole Base easier to design, install, and sell. They are also available for technical support, so if you have any questions, just give them a call! They might even tell you an engineering joke if you’re lucky!

Pole Base sales and marketing

Sales & Marketing

Pole Base has an extremely motivated arsenal of sales and marketing gurus who are excited to help you! The marketing team is putting together award winning content that brings in sales leads that we then pass on to you! We want to help you reach and exceed your potential in your market so you maintain your successful business.

Pole Base production team


Everyone on the Pole Base production team is truly a craftsman. They care about the details that will make the forming system great! They also spend time doing research on the forms so that we can make improvements that will be beneficial to you. Learn more about the Pole Base production process.

What are Other Manufacturers Saying about Pole Base?

We want you to be confident using the Pole Base system, and sometimes you need to hear from an outside source to gain that confidence. Here is what one Pole Base manufacturer thinks about the Pole Base business.

"I never hesitate to call the Pole Base team when we have questions. The detail in which they know their own products is incredible. They go out of their way to find solutions. From sales support, to marketing and their production team, Team Pole Base makes selling a great product even easier."

Bryan Martin Operations Manager, Turner Concrete Products

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