What’s Pole Base’s Potential in Your Market?

Time is money, so let's not waste yours. Talk profit potential, straight-up with our team. We'll take the time to learn about your area from you and develop profit projections rooted in data and decades of experience helping launch new ventures like yours.

Factors Shaping the Site Lighting Installation Industry

Like many trades, the site lighting industry is being impacted by circumstances well outside of its control. You can use Pole Base precast light foundations to overcome these factors and win your market.

person and pole base light pole base being installed with lifting device

Declining Labor Pools

You know the story. Older workers are retiring and younger workers are choosing not to enter the trades, leaving a massive gap between available jobs and willing workers. With Pole Base, your contractors install more foundations, with fewer employees, in less time.

pole base light pole base in parking lot

Increased Demand

While available labor is dropping, demand for new construction – including commercial spaces – continues to increase in many areas. A precast solution like Pole Base can position you to capitalize on the associated need for site lighting.

truck with pole base light pole bases

Heightened Expectations

Everyone wants faster and better. And Pole Base shows up on-site when needed, installs quickly, and provides a visually appealing product.

"Pole Base is seriously marketable from the very start. We sold more than 100 bases within the first month of hiring our dedicated salesperson. The cash flow we saw from Pole Base effectively funded the addition of a second major product to our portfolio."

Theron Miles

American Precast Industries, LLC

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Who Loves Pole Base?

It's faster, it's better, it just makes sense. Forward-thinking is at the heart of why we created Pole Base, and forward-thinking is what will make an impression on your market.


Engineers appreciate Pole Base’s precast durability and customization opportunities.


Architects value Pole Base’s available texture customizations and the clean, ring-free finish of the smooth and rusticated bases.


In a world of faster and better, Pole Bases delivered to the job-site ready to install are just what contractors want and need to keep up with project demands.

Project Owners

Developers like the crisp look and predictability of Pole Base, but love the cost savings they enjoy with reduced installation costs.

How Much Can I Profit?

If you’re wondering what Pole Base can do for your operation’s bottom line, there’s no better time than the present to find out.

Explore the Opportunity

We’ve got a solid process we’ll guide you through to develop realistic expectations for your business.

  • Identify your concrete source
  • Quantify costs like materials, logistics, and labor
  • Determine your preferred production frequency
  • Survey your territory to discover market demand and competitor capabilities

This is a start, but there’s more to discuss. Connect with us today and let’s talk about where you’d like to take your Pole Base partnership.