Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to produce Pole Base light foundations?

It’s difficult to formulate accurate cost projections without having information specific to your circumstance. Knowing the market you’d like to own, your facility and equipment situation, and where you’ll acquire your concrete, can help us prepare accurate investment estimates for your consideration. We can share that generally, a basic Pole Base form package is priced at approximately $50,000. Learn more about the equipment packages available by downloading the Pole Base Business Opportunity Manual.

What space do I need to produce Pole Base?

Pole Base forms come in different heights, but they all sit on a 4 ft. (1.22 m) by 4.6 ft. (1.42 m) wide platform and swing open as far as 12.5 ft (3.8 m). The most important thing to consider is how tall you can make the bases. The starter kit comes with components to build 9-ft. (9.7 m) tall bases, but you can add extensions to create even taller foundations.

How long does it take to set up the forms?

The great thing about the Pole Base system is that it’s fully customizable, which means you’ll need someone who understands how to read specs and assemble the bases. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help! When you become a Pole Base partner, you acquire the expertise of an entire team here to help you achieve success with Pole Base.

How many times can I pour forms daily?

Many Pole Base manufacturers double-pour bases each day. If you’ve got the right setup (and we can help you optimize your setup), you could even triple-pour! Key factors also include a well-trained, disciplined staff, the size of the bases you’re pouring, and the ready availability of concrete.

Can I sell Pole Base outside my exclusive production territory?

Yes. You can sell Pole Base products outside of your exclusive production territory. However, you can't manufacture outside of your territory.

What do I receive for my royalty payments?

Included with your royalty is an exclusive production territory which ensures that you're the only Pole Base manufacturer and supplier in that territory. You’ll also receive every project-level lead for counties within your territory. It's important to note that royalty payments are largely invested back into the overall Pole Base network, in the form of new tools, resources, and technology to help you and your fellow manufacturers grow.

What is Pole Base's typical return on investment (ROI)?

Each manufactuer's scenario is different so it's difficult to provide an answer without digging a little deeper with you. Contact us to explore the opportunity and we'll help you identify and quantify variables specific to your circumstances. This will allow us to develop a very accurate idea of what you can expect to see from a profit standpoint.

Should I hire a dedicated Pole Base salesperson?

Hiring a dedicated technical sales person to sell Pole Base is crucial for the success of Pole Base in your market. Though starting out with a sales person focusing on Pole Base part time is okay, before long you’ll find you’ll need a full time person. This is an investment for the first couple of years to seed the market and build a strong foundation. As you grow the market, this investment will pay off.

Can you help me set up the sales side of my operation?

Absolutely! Building a sales team and associated processes is crucial to your short term and long term success. We've assisted producers at every stage of their manufacturing journey, including finding, interviewing, hiring, and coaching sales teams. After all, if you're not successful, we're not successful.

How can I find projects that might be good fits for Pole Base?

Building your network of contractors who typically install Pole Base is the first step to landing projects. You'll want to focus your energy on connecting with electrical contractors and site work contractors. The commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and municipal sectors are rich with projects that can be aided by the addition of Pole Base. Many of these projects can be found through local and national preconstruction resources, including websites like ConstructConnect. Our sales team can point you in the right direction to the most effective resources available so you can build the vital contractor relationships that lead to sales and profit.

Can I stock Pole Bases in my yard?

It's not recommended to stock Pole Bases in your yard. Each Pole Base you produce is made to the exacting specifications of a particular project. This ensures all measurements, bolt projections, rebar reinforcements, and conduit details are integrated according to project plans and when the Pole Base foundations show up the job site, installers simply auger holes and place them. Crafting each Pole Base to spec leaves minimal room for human error, and can prevent installers from having to make time-consuming adjustments in the field.

What makes your forms and bases different from the competition?

Our forms are crafted exclusively by us in the United State, with only the highest quality steel. They offer intelligent enhancement to streamline and simplify your production process, offering magnetic conduit retainers, multiple anchor bolt receivers, different door diameters and height extension pieces, as well as the capacity to produce high-end textures. You can create Pole Bases in different shapes and sizes as projects demand, and add architectural accents such as bevels or stone faces to satisfy the demands of high-margin custom projects.