Consider Our Team an Extension of Yours

When you become a Pole Base manufacturer, you're gaining an entire team of engineers, marketers, sales reps, and R&D guys. Our team runs on the motto: "Work hard, have fun, get a ton done," and that's exactly what we do. Below is a short list of the services and support we offer.

Pole Base Engineering team


There is an engineer standing behind me right now telling me to say that the engineering team is the smartest, most handsome group of engineers in the world..also he wants me to tell you that they are really funny...when the engineers are not blackmailing me to write great things about them, they are available to answer all of your technical Pole Base questions, as well as your customers' questions. They’ve also put together a bunch of documents to help you, including:

They also do product development, equipment testing, and technical training. They're pretty rad.

Pole Base Marketing team


The marketing team at Pole Base supports manufacturers on multiple levels to drive end users to buy from you. We’re always looking for innovative, new marketing tools to keep us ahead of the competition. And if you ask me, the competition doesn’t stand a chance.

Here are some of the things we provide for you:

  • Professional literature for you to use
  • Targeted email campaigns sent to your contacts
  • Case studies that can be written about YOUR projects
  • Video content for the end user, installers, and you.
  • Maintaining and continually improving
Pole Base Production team


The production team is probably the hardest working group of people you could ever encounter. They’re always working on ways to make the forms better and more efficient. You can count on them for:

  • Research and development of products
  • Production support
  • Form maintenance advice

They also like to prank the rest of the staff... So watch out when you come visit!

Sales Team

The Pole Base sales team is a great bunch of people who will help you out by:

  • Distributing leads
  • Providing consulting to help you make the most of your Pole Base business
  • Making sales calls to local engineering firms with you
  • Provide material/equipment quoting

This group will be a huge resource when you sign on as a Pole Base manufacturer. They're also a great group to hang out with...mainly because they are awesome, and will pick up the tab!

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