We Help Precasters Grow their Business

Since 2000, we’ve helped 130 precasters grow their businesses with the Redi-Rock product line, and together we’ve changed the retaining wall industry. Now, we’re ready to help you take advantage of what we’ve learned about product development, marketing, and sales, to transform the precast pole base market.

Where Pole Base Came From

We understand that precast is a hard business. That’s because we’re a family-owned and operated company that’s been in the precast business ourselves since 1980. We’ve built up our own local precast operation to a $7 million a year operation by moving beyond commoditized products.

Vision for the Future

Our vision at Pole Base is to partner with our stakeholders to realize our potential together. We define a stakeholder as anyone who is involved with Pole Base - including you, the engineer, the installer, the owner, etc. If you’re reading this, you’re a stakeholder.

The exciting thing about our vision is that it’s about working together to realize our potential; and we believe that our potential together is limitless. That means we’re always striving to grow and make things better. If you’re looking to innovate and get out of the commodity business, you’ve come to the right place.

Partnering With You to Grow

We’re a family business, and entrepreneurialism runs deep in our bones. What started out in the early 1900s with a single farming business has since grown to include a portfolio of 23 separate companies. Our family has been creating business opportunities for over 100 years, and we’re excited to partner with you to realize our potential together over the next 100.

For you history buffs, our family started out in business in the early 1900s, first with farming flowers, beans, and strawberries. In the 1940s, we transitioned into forest products, making hardwood face veneers. In the 1960s, we expanded into heavy construction, and in the 1970s we expanded into resort mobile home parks.

How Can We Help You?

In 2000, our parent company Redi-Rock was launched as we identified a major need for large block retaining walls and filled it. Our sister company Rosetta Hardscapes launched in 2007 to meet a need in the landscape market, and Pole Base launched in 2014 to meet the needs of the precast foundation market.

Pole Base isn’t a one-off product. It’s the next innovation in a long line of proven business opportunities, and we’re invested in partnering with you to make it a success! You need a tested system to help grow your business, and we’re excited to help you do that. Let’s talk!

Pole Base is one of the proven, licensable business opportunities offered by Aster Brands. Aster Brands provides forms, molds, equipment, and support for concrete manufacturers to build or expand their businesses around the world.

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