Grow Your Business with Pole Base

Same Manufacturing Capacities, Diversified Product Offering

If you are looking to diversify your product offerings outside of the death care industry while utilizing the same manufacturing capacities, it’s time to look horizontally to grow your burial vault business with precast light pole bases.

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Maximize Your Existing Resources

Pole Base is a precast forming system for light pole bases and other concrete foundations that will allow you to swing your labor and maximize the infrastructure you already have. By relying on the support from Pole Base and other manufacturers in the network, you'll be able to transfer your exceptional customer service skills to meet a growing need in your market.

Swing Your Labor

As a business owner, your employees rely on you to make a living, and you rely on them to turn a profit. By bringing a new precast product into the fold, you can minimize their downtime by swinging labor where it’s needed. The Pole Base’s production process allows you to hone in on your production schedule and keep your staff busy.

Utilize Your Infrastructure

With a plant, batching equipment, and most likely delivery trucks, you’ve already got much of the equipment needed to produce Pole Base precast foundations. By creating another revenue generator from your existing infrastructure, you can spread your overhead across various segments of your business. Doesn’t it sound nice to boost your bottom line with your existing infrastructure?

Enhance Your Business by Offering the Better Solution

You don't want to just sell any new product. You want to be the hero in your market. By offering Pole Base, you'll be providing a solution that will always be built to spec and will simplify installation to cut back on time spent on the job site.

Rely on Pole Base Support Team

By partnering with Pole Base to make precast light pole base foundations you’re choosing a built-in support team. Not only will you be assigned a business consultant to help you break into this new industry, you’ll also have support from engineering staff and marketing team to help you grow your business.

Learn from the Manufacturer Network

By partnering with Pole Base, you don’t have to go it alone. Pole Base has an existing network of manufacturers who took the step you're looking to take. Several of them have even come from the burial vault industry. You can learn from their experience. Reach out to us and we'll provide references!

What is the Demand for Pole Base?

Pole Base is is high-quality and high-margin precast light pole base foundation. These bases can be used for many applications including, streetscapes, parking lots, taxiways, flagpole foundations, and sign foundations. With skilled labor becoming harder to find, this product swoops in to provide an easier, quicker solution for contractors. Specifiers will also love this product because it's guaranteed to arrive on-site built to spec.

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What Do Other Burial Vault Manufacturers Have to Say?

Thinking about adding Pole Base to your business, don't fret, you won't have to be the first one. Several burial vault manufacturers have already added Pole Base to their product offerings to grow their business. See what they have to say.

Steve Turner Turner Vault Company

“Pole's basically a one-time sell. You go in, do a lunch and learn, get a project, they trust you on the first project, and then it's basically a no-brainer. They continue to call back and reorder these things.”

“We were able to take the attitude we have toward service at the funeral side of the business and extrapolate that into the precast side of the business. You can't be late for a funeral or you certainly can't miss one. So you have to be very fast to respond and that's something that we were able to translate into the rest of precast business. I think that's why we've been successful.”

Greg Barrett SI Precast