Pole Base is a Bright Idea for Site Lighting

Where quality, customization, and compatibility meet, Pole Base precast foundations are the choice of developers, general contractors, electricians, and local governments across the country.

The Precast Solution Squad

Pole Base is a precast concrete foundation crafted to exact specifications and utilized for site lighting bases, airport light fixtures, sign foundations, and columns and pillars.

Round Light Pole Bases

From foundations measuring 4 ft (1.8 m) tall all the way to 13 ft (3.35 m), your capacity to customize heights, sizes, conduit configurations, and bolt patterns will make Pole Base the choice for site lighting projects of all scales.

Runway & Taxiway Edge Light Fixtures

Few sites are more challenging to work in than airports and not many jobs are more complicated than airport lighting. Contractors and electricians will count on your Pole Base foundations to help them install airport lighting quickly, simply, and safely.

Signage Foundations

The precast process allows you to control when and where you produce your Pole Base foundations so that they can be installed regardless of weather or season. Water table issues don’t matter since the Pole Base sign foundation is already cured and wet cast easily handles water.

Columns and Pillars

You can choose to offer options for textures, colors, and conduits for electric or irrigation lines, further showcasing Pole Base’s versatility and good looks. Your customers can put them to work as fence posts or decorative columns and pillars.

Predictable and Profitable: Produce a Solution that Wins Across the Board

Durability, quicker customization and installation, and sharper looks make your Pole Base light foundations the clear choice over the cast-in-place competition.

Strength and Resilience

You’ll produce Pole Base precast foundations in a completely moisture- and temperature-controlled environment, with a mix optimized for quality and durability. Cast-in-place is poured outdoors where it’s subject to the elements and wildly inconsistent curing times.

A Schedule You Can Stick To

Installing Pole Base foundations is so much more predictable than cast-in-place. When a truck shows up on the job site, it’ll be carrying the finished foundations your team has built to spec and ready to host lights. Cast-in-place bases could require as long as a week of curing to proceed with installation.

Time = Money

Auger the hole. Offload the delivery. Set and backfill the base. Run electrical. That’s it. Your contractor customers can install multiple lights in a single day instead of devoting multiple days to set a single light. You’ll be offering a solution that saves a small business owner hundreds or even thousands of dollars in labor costs per project.

Form AND Function

You can produce multiple textures, offering opportunities to compete for higher profile, higher dollar projects. And since Pole Base ditches the cardboard tubes that leave those unsightly spirals on cast-in-place bases, even the basic Pole Base foundations look great in comparison.

Pole Base vs. Cast-in-Place Light Foundation Installation

Offer a proven solution that’s more attractive, durable, versatile, predictable, and profitable. See why contractors and electricians across the country are pivoting to Pole Base.

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