Top 3 Reasons to Choose Pole Base Forms

"Why should I use Pole Base forms when I could try to rig something up in my shop?"

That's a good question that many people considering Pole Base ask!

The answer is that Pole Base forms produce precast foundations that are higher quality than anything else on the market - faster and safer than alternatives.

This is possible because Pole Base forms for precast concrete products are:

  • Professionally designed by mechanical engineers
  • Produced with the highest quality material & personnel
  • Capable of producing many products

This video introduces the Pole Base team members responsible for the forming system, so you can hear first hand why it's worth partnering with Pole Base.

Reason #1: Professionally Designed Forms

If you are building a business that manufactures precast concrete products, you need forms that you can rely on in the long-term. Pole Base forms have been a great solution for precasters throughout North America, and they could be a great fit for your team as well! These forms primarily produce precast light pole bases for site lighting applications, among a variety of other foundation products.

What makes Pole Base forms so special? They have been designed by professional mechanical and structural engineers and optimized for safety, speed, and ease of use.

In this video, we take a closer look at:

  • The Pole Base Platform
  • Dimensions
  • Form Doors / Jacket
  • Modularity

So, if you are looking to manufacture precast concrete products, Pole Base is the solution for your plant! Reach out today to learn more about the opportunity.

Reason #2: Produced With Top Quality Materials & Personnel

How can you know that the products you are using on site are top quality? The only way to get a great product is through top quality production with the best equipment, materials, and personnel. With Pole Base, you can rest assured that your products are of the highest quality!

Pole Base forms are made in America with state of the art equipment and highly trained / experienced staff on the shop floor. The Pole Base production facility - located in Charlevoix, Michigan - has top of the line equipment including a laser for cutting steel, a press brake for bending steel, and a rolling press for precise diameters in steel.

Certified welders and a weld inspector piece the equipment together on the shop floor using laser grade steel (for better flatness, finish, and optimization). Since the form production is so precise, there are VERY tight seams, meaning concrete won’t be seeping through and causing flashing on the finished product.

If you are looking for reliable forms for producing precast concrete products, make sure to check out the Pole Base business opportunity!

Reason #3: Capable of Producing Many Products

This video features the versatility of the Pole Base forms from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint.


These forms can produce round foundational products in multiple diameters. Parts & pieces can be exchanged to add junction boxes, change conduit templates, accommodate almost any bolt configuration, and create unique products like taxiway bases for runway applications at airports.


By changing out the form jackets/doors, Pole Base can create products with different shapes and textures:

  • The Ledgestone texture works GREAT for unique park and commercial applications.
  • The Blank Square texture offers a more modern look for commercial applications
  • The Brickledge texture allows designers to match their site & structural applications with the same cultured stone or brick products that are used across the entire project, creating a cohesive architectural look across the site.

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