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If you're a precaster looking to diversify your product mix, you've come to the right place. Investing in the Pole Base forming system will allow you to produce high quality light pole bases that the market is hungry for. These high-margin precast bases look awesome, and they can be used for flag pole bases, foundations, columns, taxiway bases, and more. Dig into the business opportunity here! If you're looking to use Pole Base on a project, head over to polebase.com to find your local retailer. 

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How does the pole base business work

How does the business work?

The Pole Base business model is pretty simple: You buy forms. You produce and sell Pole Base products in your market. We back you up with award-winning marketing resources, industry-leading engineering support, and time-tested production know-how. Intrigued?

What is the market opportunity for pole base

What is the Market?

By offering Pole Base to your market, you're offering tons of solutions with one forming system: light pole bases, flag pole bases, columns, taxiway bases, you name it! You can be the one offering a great-looking alternative to the unsightly, hard-to-use options in your area.

how do you profit with pole base

Will I profit?

By partnering with Pole Base, you're getting a proven, successful forming system that produces a product the industry wants. There are 3 key steps to ensuring your Pole Base business is profitable; you can find those steps and a worksheet to help you calculate your ROI here!

What is the Pole Base Opportunity?

Pole Base is a precast light pole base foundation that is high quality and high margin. These bases can be used for many applications including, streetscapes, parking lots, taxiways, flag pole foundations, and sign foundations. We are looking for a few special companies who can partner with us to produce Pole Base in several different markets around North America, and beyond. 

Watch the video to learn more about how the Pole Base opportunity can help you diversify your product mix and grow your business.

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Partnering with Pole Base

precast light pole base staff support

We understand that adding another product to your line can be overwhelming, but the team at Pole Base is ready to help. When you partner with our team, you’re gaining marketing specialists, engineers, and a research and development team whose main purpose is to help our customers become successful.

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Getting started with Pole Base is simple:

get started with pole base step 1

Dig into your local market with a Pole Base sales rep to discover the potential in your area. Learn more about the market here!

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Come to Charlevoix to see what this opportunity is all about and get a feel for the people you’ll be partnering with.

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Buy your forms and start growing your business with Pole Base! See the equipment investment here! 

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