Pole Base manufacturers get involved in producing Pole Base products for a variety of reasons. Take a look at the testimonials from current Pole Base manufacturers to learn how and why they got started, and what their experience has been like while building their Pole Base business.


Bryan Martin - Turner Concrete Products

Turner Concrete: 

Finding Growth Beyond the Burial Vault Business

With decades of experience in the burial vault business, Turner Vault Company wanted to expand their product offerings and added a new precast concrete construction division in 2005. They began offering precast site lighting bases because of the sales potential, but the production process was inefficient and cumbersome. After finding success producing Redi-Rock precast, modular retaining wall blocks (part of the Aster Brands family of solutions), they decided to produce their precast site lighting bases using the Pole Base forming system (also part of Aster Brands) to streamline their precast pole base process.

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Mark Minnick of Pole Base producer Minnick Services

Minnick Services: 

Business Expansion and Growth

When cremation started to take over the funeral and burial vault industry a few decades ago, Mark Minnick of Minnick Services decided to diversify his precast product offerings to make up for the decline in his company's burial vault sales. In 2016, after visiting Wilbert Precast's plant in Spokane and learning about their success producing Redi-Rock and Pole Base, Mark did his research, crunched the numbers, and decided that diversifying his business with Redi-Rock and Pole Base was an opportunity he needed to take advantage of.

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Brutsche Concrete Testimonial

Brutsche Concrete Products: 

Diversification is Key

Brutsche Concrete Products in Battle Creek, Michigan, has a thriving precast concrete business. Diversification has been a key to success in the long term, and Pole Base has been an extension to their business that has kept the team going when other product lines were lagging.

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